Vacation in Belize With a Toddler? You Bet!

Vacation in Belize With a Toddler? You Bet!

Belize family adventures can be fun, even with a toddler in tow

In case you hadn’t heard, Belize is one of the most family-friendly destinations in the western hemisphere, so if you’re ready to practice the Zen of toddler travel, you couldn’t choose a better spot—especially when you stay at Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins Village where kids are welcome and get the royal treatment from staff.

One of the best ways to ensure a smooth visit is by booking a Belize all inclusive family vacation so you spend your time introducing your little one to the world rather than worrying about details one must attend to while on vacation. Belizean Dreams Resort offers three family packages, so meals, transfers to and from the airport, accommodations, snacks and activities are part of each all inclusive pacakge. You arrive in Belize with all logistics sorted so you can focus on having fun during your stay.

What family adventures will your toddler love most of all?

Having a cool bottle of milk or juice, extra diapers and clean-up wipes at the ready, divide your time between activities parents can enjoy and those likely to fascinate little ones. Toddlers are wild about visiting ethnic Belize markets where sounds, colors and friendly folks dote on vacationing children. Animals captivate youngsters, so a trip to Monkey River is likely to be your child’s favorite memory.

Back at the resort, splashing around Belizean Dreams’ pool can be as much fun as fishing, scuba diving and zip lining adventures. Maya ruins located throughout the district let parents feed their curiosity as kids peek into nooks and crannies. Plenty of Belize travelers recommend Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary for kid-friendly adventures, too.

That stated, families have just as much fun sticking around the resort and making the property their home away from home. The secret, say savvy parents, is to craft an itinerary that’s a balance of on-site activities and tours so they don’t get frazzled and children don’t get out of sorts from too much stimulation.

Belizean Dreams Toddlers

Mobility could be your ticket to a successful Belize family vacation

Investing in a car seat travel stroller may mean the difference between a memorable vacation and one that causes you to wonder why you said “yes” to traveling with your toddler. This handy gear converts a car seat into a stroller that folds down for storage so your little one rolls along at airports and on sightseeing adventures.

Next to having mobility gear, parents are most excited about the money they save when they bring their toddlers to Belize during summer and fall because reduced rates are kind to family budgets, thus you can vacation throughout summer and fall without tapping Junior’s college fund.

Not only do you start a tradition that gets your child off to the right start in terms of your little one’s world view, but you’ll quickly realize that all of the toys in the world can’t compete with a week at a resort that caters to parents and kids and knows exactly how to make a stay memorable and relaxing for every member of the family.

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