Belize Travel: It’s Safe, Easy and Absolutely Fabulous!

Belize Travel: It’s Safe, Easy and Absolutely Fabulous!

If you’ve watched one too many YouTube videos featuring cats, grown weary of Covid statistics and you’ve found yourself saying, “If only I could take a vacation and get away, I’d pay a million dollars,” check your bank balance now. We’ve got news: Belize travel is open and you could show up in just a few hours if you grab a flight.

According to myriad health authorities, you couldn’t find a vacation spot that’s as safe as Belize. The number of checks and balances put into place by the government, tourism industry, resorts and attractions are so comprehensive and impactful, other nations point to this small nation as a model to follow.

As part of the world community, Belize has been invited to join the World Travel & Tourism Council “Safe Travels” Stamp program that means the nation officially became a “Safe Travels” destination. This stamp is prestigious, hard-earned and a tribute to the people of Belize who are the reason the nation earned this distinguished designation.

Ready to pack?

Anyone wishing to vacation in Belize must only follow the 3-step entry process:

  1. Download the Belize Health App,
  2. Choose a Gold Standard accommodation,
  3. Pass a 96-hour PCR test or 48-hour Rapid Antigen test.

Need more specifics before you kiss those cat videos goodbye? This list should cover your questions:

  • Visitors must present a negative COVID-19 test at arrival or pass one at the airport.
  • No worries about getting an application to enter Belize; that restriction ended.
  • Travelers must stay at Gold Standard Hotels where stringent health and safety measures are undertaken.
  • 10-day quarantines are no longer required for guests presenting negative PCR tests.
  • A tourism safety corridor designation now covers tour operators, restaurants, sites, gift shops, car rentals, taxis and other transportation.
  • Vacationers must be tested before they return home – a service many resorts are coordinating.

Belizean Dreams Beach

Where to stay to feel safe and protected

Belizean Dreams should be your first choice if you wish to sojourn at one of the first properties to be granted Gold Standard accreditation.

Even the resort’s website elucidates the resort’s long list of practices to which staffs adhere so guests can feel confident that they will return home healthier than they were before they left!

Why healthier? Because Belizean Dreams’ atmosphere, all inclusive packages and specials are all designed to maximize the guest experience. Vacationers can choose from a variety of packages that include casually elegant accommodations, meals in Belizean Dreams’ gourmet restaurant and amenities that must be experienced to be believed.

Whether your goal is lying in the sun or you intend to audition every water sport for which Belize is known, you can go forth with confidence that your vacation will be as much fun as it is safe – and isn’t that exactly what you’ve been longing for over the past year?

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