Why Not Turn an Ordinary Belize Honeymoon into an Extraordinary One?

Belize Honeymoon Ideas

It’s hard to turn away from celeb magazines and social media posts generated by high-profile couples for whom a trip around the world would not be an unusual way to honeymoon. From African safaris to renting islands in the South Seas, reading about these romantic adventures doesn’t mention the fact that jet lag can ruin those first few days, picking a country where English isn’t spoken makes communicating hard, and spending a fortune just to get to and from a destination is no fun either.

How to get the exciting adventure of your dreams without leaving the Western Hemisphere? Come to English-speaking Belize, where a short plane ride and the ability to load up your itinerary with exciting adventures await. Choosing a resort that caters to and spoils newlyweds is your first requirement on a heavenly honeymoon and if you ask couples for recommendations, you’ll find that Belizean Dreams Resort, located in Hopkins, is a consistent pick.

Belizean Dreams is lush. There’s an amazing spa on site. The Woven Palms Restaurant is a gourmet’s paradise. Importantly, you’ll enjoy blissful privacy and activities that will have you wondering why anyone would want to go to Africa or Bora Bora!

Belize Honeymoon Ideas

5 Belizean Dreams honeymoon experiences that have no equal

  1. Select a Belizean Dreams all inclusive honeymoon package that takes the work out of planning because everything you crave is included: fabulous private accommodation, gourmet meals, unlimited local beverages, airport-to-resort transport, and incomparable historic, aquatic and nature tours that offer the best Belize has to offer.
  2. Get your heart rate higher than it was when you took your wedding vows by availing yourself of Belizean Dreams’ cave tubing and zip lining combo adventure. Sail over jungle canopies and paddle into ancient caves where stalagmites and stalactites will make you feel like you’ve landed on the moon. You have, of course. The honeymoon.
  3. What holiday in Belize – the Caribbean’s #1 snorkeling and diving destination – would be complete without exploring the depths and magnificence of offshore waters? Just beneath the ocean surface lies a surreal world of colorful fish, coral rock, and subterranean plant life. Seeing the Belize Barrier Reef in person could be the highlight of your stay.
  4. Belize’s history is not only exciting but exotic and thus far, around 900 Maya ruins have been identified, some of which are Belizean Dreams tour menu favorites. Roam cities carved out of rain forests and jungles that are breathtaking in their size and scope. Each site offers couples an amazing introduction to the nation’s past.
  5. Active honeymooners find at Belizean Dreams a wealth of opportunities to stay fit. Among them are the resort’s popular hiking tours that introduce couples to the nation’s flora, fauna, and exotic wildlife. Spot a wonderland of birds, monkeys, and perhaps a wildcat. Bring hiking shoes. You’ll need them.

As if your honeymoon couldn’t get any more exciting, why not make it your first chance as a married couple to save money for the future by taking advantage of Belizean Dreams’ current specials? Who wouldn’t want to start off a marriage by saving money while enjoying a honeymoon even celebrities would envy?

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