Make Your Fly Fishing Dreams Come True in Belize

Make Your Fly Fishing Dreams Come True in Belize

Fly Fishing In Belize Is Good For Your Health

There are two types of fly fishing fans on earth: Those who can’t get enough of the sport and those who can’t get enough of the sport. In other words, when it comes to hobbies, both men and women become addicted fairly quickly once they get the hang of it. 

What most people don’t know about fly fishing is that it offers health benefits that add to the enjoyment they already receive from spending time waiting for that snap on the line before reeling in their catch.

According to, this sport can improve your long- and short-term memories, restore your energy and increase both your attention span and ability to concentrate. Fly fishing helps people think more clearly and creatively. Wrestling with a personal or work problem? Find solutions at sea while you’re indulging in your favorite sport. 

The physical workout you get can’t be underestimated (this is low impact exercise) and when you reel and cast, blood circulates more efficiently. Even folks with limited mobility can fly fish because it makes few demands on the body. Fly fishing has been proven to relieve stress, calm the mind and release dopamine, serotonin, and other mood-elevating hormones. And you land fish! Does it get any better? 

Belize Flyfishing

Belize Is A Great Destination For Fly Fishing

Where to go to experience this metamorphosis? To the Caribbean’s capital of health and wellness vacations: Belizean Dreams Resort, where current shoulder season rates make traveling to this area of the world an affordable, quick journey. Because faithful fly fishing aficionados come to Belize to fish world-class waters, the resort designed a special tour to satisfy their appetites.

This all-inclusive fishing package includes gear and supplies you need for your time on the water: rod, reel, weighted line, boat transportation, a certified guide, and a picnic lunch. You provide the flies and tackles, sunscreen, camera, and enthusiasm. 

What’s swimming off Belize’s coast? So many species of fish, you’ll beg your guide to snap extra photos of you holding each catch. You’ll be on the water for eight hours, so this is no wimpy fly fishing tour. Half-day excursions can be booked, too. See for yourself what awaits if you visit Belizean Dreams and take advantage of the sea’s bounty. 

May is the perfect time to fly fish in Belize and summer is coming, so you’ve no excuse to skip the trip of a lifetime because you can’t afford it. You can. And you won’t be the first visitor to tell your Belizean Dreams host that your stay and time on the sea delivered just what the doctor ordered before you reluctantly return home!