Need a Therapeutic Holiday? Visit Belize’s Top Birding Sites

Need a Therapeutic Holiday? Visit Belize’s Top Birding Sites

Doctors say birdwatching can ease or eliminate mental health issues and there’s no place better to get your therapy fix than Belize.

As the summer drones on, are you feeling frazzled? Are you besieged by Tweets that have nothing to do with birds? Do you own binoculars and can you tear yourself away from everything that’s stressing you out? You need a birdwatching trip to Belize to right your ship. It’s exactly what a therapist would recommend.

Author Joe Harkness knows a thing or two about mental health issues. He discovered—quite by accident—that there is no better therapy for reducing emotional stress than watching birds. He wrote “Bird Therapy” to detail his recovery and it’s a super read.

Harkness was no bird fancier until he followed a doctor’s advice, went birding and immersed himself in the sounds, colors, patterns and behaviors of birds. These days, regular birding trips keep him in a perpetually peaceful state of mind, and he challenges readers to try bird therapy as often as they can.

Why choose Belize for your birdwatching experience?

Because it’s close to home, everyone speaks English in Belize and luxury resorts like Belizean Dreams continue to offer guests attractive pricing deals into the fall months. Best of all, Belizean Dreams offers birding tours guaranteed to delight veteran and new birders alike.

What can you expect from this guided tour? Editors at travel authority “Frommer’s” have identified 618 species of resident and migratory birds spotted in Belize. From swamps to mangroves and from isolated cayes to dense tropical rainforests, birds know a perfect geographic host when they drop in to breed or just rest during longer journeys.

Bird Watching Belize

These are some of the top birding spots in Belize

  • Caracol is home to forest birds like keel-billed motmots, violaceous trogons, ocellated turkeys, crested guans, great curassows and the occasional harpy eagle.
  • Cockscomb Basin Forest Reserve hosts magnificent, loud scarlet macaws, king vultures and toucans.
  • Visit Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary’s wetlands to spot giant, rare jabiru storks, heron, kingfisher, yellow-lored parrots and Yucatan jays.
  • Half Moon Caye National Monument is both a wildlife and marine reserve and a red-footed boobie haven.
  • Man-O-War Caye, a government-monitored sanctuary, attracts Man-O-Wars and brown boobies.
  • At the New River Lagoon, spot black-collared hawks, northern jacana and purple gallinule.
  • Shipstern Nature Reserve covers 22,000 acres. More than 250 bird species have been spotted there.

Given the fact that you’re eager to relax and unwind amid some of Mother Nature’s most exotic avian species, letting Belizean Dreams handle everything from airport transfers to getting you where you need to go to see the most number of birds during your stay just makes good sense. Why bother putting together your own itinerary and figuring out logistics when your resort host can do it for you?

Will friends notice a difference in your demeanor when you return from your Belize birding excursion? It’s likely. Whether you want to credit the birds of Belize for your newfound state of tranquility is strictly up to you.

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