All Inclusive Belize Vacation Packages: Gifts That Keep on Giving

All Inclusive Belize Vacation Packages: Gifts That Keep on Giving

If you like spending your vacation keeping tabs on every penny you spend, all inclusive packages are not for you. But if you’re wise enough to understand all of the benefits you enjoy, keep reading…

U.S. News and World Report staffer Kimberly Palmer knows a thing or two about all-inclusive resorts because her job is evaluating and writing about them, so you can count on her expertise to enlighten you. Her research proved that vacationers overwhelmingly feel that they can relax more by paying upfront. You’ll be convinced once you join the ranks of tourists who wouldn’t think of doing otherwise!

10 Reasons to choose an all inclusive vacation

  1. Everything is included; you don’t have to worry about being handed a mega-bill when you depart.
  2. Who wants to think about how much you’re spending when you’re trying to relax?
  3. Swimsuits don’t come with pockets yet one must go everywhere with cash and cards if a trip isn’t pre-paid.
  4. Dr. George Lowenstein proved that tourists forced to open their wallets repeatedly on holiday end up in “foul moods.”
  5. He adds that handing over money repeatedly while on vacation triggers the brain’s pain centers.
  6. Vacationers have been proven to relax more when financial matters are prearranged.
  7. For thrifty sorts and chronic budgeters, all-inclusive resorts are manna from heaven.
  8. Extras (e.g., taxes) are already included in package costs.
  9. Travelers love the safety they experience when choosing prepaid resort deals.
  10. If you never met a cocktail you didn’t love, pick a package that includes unlimited local beverages!

Belizean Dreams Restaurant

Why Belizean Dreams does it better

Because Belize is a destination that is filled with variety, the number of attractions, historic sites, cultural and natural experiences offered to guests can be overwhelming at first, which is why guests find Belizean Dreams Resort near Hopkins to be the ideal base from which to see it all.

Belize Dreams’ five basic packages include digs, daily meals, round-trip transport from the Belize International Airport and depending upon the one you choose, inland and/or island tours, private candlelight dinners, use of a golf cart and one option includes a private island stay that wraps up this particular package with a ribbon.

Having prepaid your heftiest expenses up front, you are free to indulge your fanciful side knowing that a gorgeous suite is always awaiting your return at the end of your day, as well as gourmet meals and drinks associated with the package you choose. With basics covered, you enjoy shopping, extra tours and adventures not included because you’ve already saved a bundle on your accommodations, food and resort amenities.

Close proximity to Hopkins Village comes with opportunities to meet the warmest, most welcoming people on the planet, and if you’ve ever visited places where people were less than friendly, you know how important this can be. Save money. Have fun. Find out why repeat guests can’t get enough of Belizean Dreams packages that never disappoint!

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