All Inclusive Belize Single Vacations

All Inclusive Belize Single Vacations

Eager to travel solo? You’ll feel right at home at Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins.

U.K. “Telegraph” writer Mandy Appleyard grew weary of travel buddies whose only goals on holiday were sleeping in every day. She wanted adventures and realized that the only way she could get them was to join the ranks of singles who feel confident that traveling alone is far from an isolating experience.

If you agree with Mandy, head for Belize where single travelers feel safe and comfortable within the boundaries of this welcoming nation. What’s attracting these singles? The short plane ride that gets them to Belize. The fact that everyone speaks English. The popularity of Belize—which is why so many singles know they will find like-minded people there.

Make Belizean Dreams your home base

Belizean Dreams Room Key

Having a lush resort as your home base when you come to Belize solo offers myriad advantages, and if you opt for a Belize all inclusive solo package, every detail of your stay is settled before you fly south. Meals are included, as is transport to and from the resort. Singles can choose from three packages, each offering unique tours.

Here’s the best part: You vacation on your own terms. Meet plenty of people at the resort and on tours if that’s your objective or chill out and grab alone time, but you may not be able to resist chatting up other guests at the Woven Palms Restaurant and Beachfront Tiki Bar. It happens.

Does this mean you’re going to have to turn into a social butterfly during your Belizean Dreams Resort stay? Only if you want to! Keeping in mind the reason you took your solo journey in the first place—to restore your spirit and relax without having to account to anyone for anything you do—you wouldn’t be the first visitor to claim a beach chair for the entirety of your stay.

6 Reasons singles love Belize

  1. Men and women of all ages feel comfortable coming to Belize solo because they know that Hopkins and Belizean Dreams Resort have solid reputations for being safe and welcoming.
  2. You set your own itinerary and hours. Love dining solo in the company of a good book? You won’t be disturbed at the resort’s restaurant or the bar.
  3. If room service floats your boat, hunker down in your lush accommodations for the entirety of your stay.
  4. While enjoying tours, interact with fellow travelers as much or as little as you like. Ditto the resort’s spa where the only sounds you hear will be blissful sighs coming from your mouth.
  5. You don’t have to get buy-in from anyone else to book jungle, waterfall, Maya ruin, and barrier reef diving adventures. You call all the shots.
  6. If the objective of your vacation is meeting fascinating people, you’ll encounter plenty of them at this popular resort!

Belizean Dreams Beach

Today’s single travel scene is vibrant and exciting when you come to Belize. It could spoil you so much, you may never want to travel in someone else’s company again.