7 Reasons to Take a Fall Vacation in Belize

7 Reasons to Take a Fall Vacation in Belize

Raise your hand if you’d prefer to rake leaves, winterize your car, and stock up on flu medications rather than lying in a hammock on a gorgeous Caribbean beach this fall. We thought so. You need a short plane ride to Belize and a reservation at Belizean Dreams Resort where heaven awaits. If 7 has always been your lucky number and if you’re as desperate for a respite as other folks living under the onus of COVID, seriously considering our 7 reasons for a fall Belize vacation makes you one smart cookie!

Fall Is The Perfect Season For Traveling to Belize

  1. Travel to Belize has never been more affordable. Consolidators and aggregators like Orbitz, Cheapo Air, and Kayak offer all sorts of deals and since the Belize international airport re-opened for tourists on October 1, 2020, you’ll have lots of choices. Further, short flights are safer. Wear your mask for a couple of hours and you’re in paradise.
  2. Fall is shoulder season thus crowds disappear so you can safely social distance minus the big crowds flocking to Belize as soon as temperatures start dropping. At Belizean Dreams, health and safety measures adopted are so precautionary, the Belize Tourism Board proclaimed the resort a “Gold Standard” destination for putting into practice every safeguard mandated by world health authorities.
  3. Belize is gorgeous, lush, and green. Nothing’s more therapeutic than being surrounded by jungles, forests, gardens, and pristine beaches. Even scientists agree that nature can help soothe the mind, body, and spirit. One glance at the resort’s website says all you need to know about this remarkable property. It’s easy to imagine yourself in this environment, right?
  4. The weather will make all of your friends envious. Fall temperatures range between 85- and 89-degrees F by day and 72- and 76-degrees F at night. Rain showers during this season tend to be short and refreshing, and if you compare them to the sleet, snow, and frost that pervades days and nights back home, it’s no contest!

Belizean Dreams Resort

  1. Belize celebrations and festivals won’t be forgotten just because the world remains under COVID-19 restrictions. Traditional fall events include the Billfish Tournament, Pan American Day, Garifuna Settlement Day Festival, Stann Creek Agricultural Fair, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. There is plenty of fun to be had and for visitors choosing a Belize all inclusive package at Belizean Dreams, unlimited local beverages mean you can celebrate in style, too!
  2. Discover the essence of Belize cuisine. Belize’s vast cultural mix means even foodies are impressed by the range of culinary treats found throughout Belize. Novel takes on traditional Central American recipes, adaptations of Maya, Creole, and Garifuna dishes, North American favorites, and other ethnic delights are enhanced by locally-grown produce, fresh-caught seafood, and a burgeoning spirits industry.
  3. Belize is safe and so is Belizean Dreams. The gold standard mentioned earlier denotes Herculean measures taken by this mindful resort that include contactless booking & low-contact check-ins, social distancing mandates, temperature checks, advanced cleaning and hygiene protocols, and resort tours that are limited to small numbers of guests.

Fall is upon us, you need a break for any number of reasons and Belizean Dreams stands ready to deliver on a fantastic, luxurious, and fun experience. You need a reward and this is it!

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