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Dec 10

Written by: Belizean Dreams
Monday, December 10, 2012 

Belizean Dreams Resort offers a natural haven to appease your desire for exciting adventure, exquisite foods, and exposure to a world of unique cultures. A country which offers both beauty in its environment and people, is definitely a country worth visiting. And who knows, with the no-tax perks for retirees, it could eventually become a country worth living in.

Top ten reasons to visit Belize Dreams Resort:
  1. MAYAN ruins! Trust us; they're not only for archaeologists.

  2. The FOOD … And the great thing is, it's not only local food. You'll get international cuisines with a Caribbean twist.

  3. DIVING the MesoAmerican barrier reef - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  4. Great FISHING experience - Grand slam!

  5. SNORKELING - get your water surface view of marine life in Belize

  6. ISLAND living is easy living - kick your shoes off and enjoy the beach!

  7. JUNGLE hiking - waterfalls, bird watching, jaguar spotting fun!

  8. CAVE tubing - float through the mysterious hallows of the Mayan Mountains

  9. AGRO-TOURISM- experience the making of Mayan chocolate, and yeah, taste it too!

  10. CULTURE - Belize is a melting pot of rich ethnicities.

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